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Music for Games, Film, and Animation

When fantasy, drama, and fun need a soundtrack

John Theodore Headshot


John Theodore is a composer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist working in Los Angeles. With a love and fascination of medieval and fantasy music, he has spent the last few years searching out and learning some of the more exotic instruments of the era, from the nyckelharpa to the hurdy-gurdy.

As a composer, John is best known for his work with Ghostfire Gaming. This Dungeons and Dragons based company brought him on to write the campaign song for one of their most successful Kickstarters to date, "The Seeker's Guide to Twisted Taverns". The song was a true collaboration and success, featuring lyrics by Runesmith, a vocal performance by Annapantsu, and animation by JoCat. The song helped the Kickstarter raise over $1.6 million dollars, and continues to be listened to by thousands of fans daily. With the success of the project, a companion album of loopable tracks for the 16 taverns was commissioned. "The Seeker's Guide to Twisted Taverns" album features live orchestra, and some of the world's top soloists.

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John has made a name for himself in the TTRPG community stemming from his work with Ghostfire Gaming. Having written music for a few of their most successful Kickstarter campaigns, John has continued gaining fans and clients alike with his penchant for writing music for fantasy based stories in a host of TTRPG settings.

Nyckelharpa and Hurdy Gurdy

As a nyckelharpa and hurdy gurdy player, John specializes in providing high-quality recordings of performances of these traditional medieval instruments. Whether you're looking for a unique soundtrack for a film project or simply want to experience the beauty of these traditional instruments, John can help.


A life long fascination with animation has led John to collaborate with the industries talented up-and-coming artists. From student animated projects, to independent productions, working with animation is one of John's favorite mediums to score.



A few projects with 'Music by John Theodore'

The Seeker's Guide to Enchanting Emporiums (Trailer)

"The Seeker's Guide to Enchanting Emporiums" is a 5E supplement filled with magic shops, mystical loot, unique NPCs and thrilling plot hooks. A stunning sequel to Twisted Taverns!


Want to learn more about using my music in your projects or having me write something bespoke for you? Need some nyckelharpa, hurdy- gurdy, vocals, or guitar recorded for your project? Get in touch, and let's collaborate!

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